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Terry Leyden

I am a Denver native. In my business life, I have been in the executive search business for about 35 years. My wife Anita and I have two sons, Drew 28 and Sean 27.


To summarize my officiating background, I started officiating football in 1977 and lacrosse in 1979. After a few years of high school football, I was hired by the RMAC in 1986 and worked there until 1993 when I was hired by the North Central Conference. I got the call to join the WAC staff in 1995, moved to the Mountain West in 1998, when the league was formed and stayed there until 2011 when U. Colorado joined the PAC-12 Conference and I got the call to join that league. I was moved to Referee in 2003 after several years at Umpire and Back Judge. 


On the lacrosse side of my life, I was a player, coach and official until 2006. I was honored to work five post season NCAA lacrosse games during that time



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