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What to Expect at FRFOC:

* Develop Fundamental Officiating Skills and Knowledge:

Our camp focuses on honing the core skills and knowledge essential for effective officiating. Whether you're a seasoned high school official or just starting your journey, we tailor our training to elevate your understanding of the game.

* One-on-One Training in the Classroom and on the Field: 

Experience personalized attention both in the classroom and on the field. Our expert instructors provide individualized guidance to ensure you grasp the intricacies of officiating, enhancing your overall performance.​

* Receive Valuable Feedback on Mechanics and Use of Signals:

Feedback is key to improvement. Expect comprehensive feedback on your mechanics and signal usage, helping you refine your on-field presence and enhance your overall effectiveness as an official.

* Insight and Techniques for Improved On-Field Communication, Mechanics, and Judgment:

FRFOC goes beyond the basics, offering valuable insights and techniques to enhance your on-field communication, mechanics, and judgment calls. Elevate your officiating game through our specialized training sessions.

* Who Should Attend FRFOC:
   * High School Football Officials: Whether you're a seasoned high school official looking to sharpen your skills or a          newcomer seeking a solid foundation, FRFOC is for you.

​   * Youth Football Officials: Our camp caters to officials working with youth football, providing specific insights and          strategies tailored to the unique dynamics of youth games.

​   * New Officials: If you're just starting your officiating journey, FRFOC is the perfect place to build a strong                      foundation and kick-start your career with confidence.

​   * Anyone or Any Crew Aspiring to Improve: FRFOC welcomes individuals and officiating crews who are committed        to continuous improvement. Join us to take your officiating ability to the next level.

At Front Range Football Officials Camp, we believe that every official plays a vital role in the integrity of the game. Join us, embrace the camaraderie, and embark on a journey of growth and excellence in football officiating!

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