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Who should attend FRFOC?

The Front Range Football Officials Camp (FRFOC) is designed for individuals with various levels of officiating experience who are looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in football officiating. The camp is suitable for the following groups:

1. High School Football Officials:
   - Seasoned officials seeking to sharpen their skills.
   - Newcomers looking to establish a solid foundation in officiating.

2. Youth Football Officials:
   - Officials working with youth football.
   - The camp provides specific insights and strategies tailored to the unique dynamics of youth games.

3. New Officials:
   - Individuals who are just starting their officiating journey.
   - FRFOC is an excellent place to build a strong foundation and kick-start a career with confidence.

4. Anyone or Any Crew Aspiring to Improve:
   - Open to individuals and officiating crews committed to continuous improvement.
   - Suitable for those who want to take their officiating ability to the next level.

Overall, FRFOC welcomes a diverse range of participants, including both experienced officials and those who are new to the field. The camp aims to provide personalized training, valuable feedback, and insights to elevate the officiating skills of attendees, fostering growth and excellence in football officiating.

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Football Officials
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